Mrs. Obama’s Elbows Upstage Her Arms


  Mrs. Obama’s arms get a lot of well-deserved attention: they are toned, yet feminine – what many women aspire to. However, Mrs. Obama’s famous arms were recently upstaged by her elbows when she rested them on the table at a luncheon. Oh the finger wagging and tongue clucking! You would have thought Mrs. Obama … Read More

Business Dining Etiquette Quiz


Questions: When inviting a client to a business meal, you should ask her where she would like to go. T / F In a typical place setting, the beverage is on the left and the bread plate is on the right. T / F A seafood or oyster fork is placed to the left of … Read More

A Special Occasion – Holiday Fun With the Family

Civility, Dining Etiquette

When I was eleven years old, the flu collided with Christmas dinner and forever dampened my enthusiasm for holiday food. So, every year I sit back with a glass of wine and watch the mayhem unfold as my multigenerational and multicultural family of cooks and foodies barter and (mostly) good-naturedly bicker over which foods will … Read More

“Business Casual?! What Does That Mean?”

Attire, Business Etiquette

Ask 5 people to define business casual and you will get 5 different answers. This is the problem with business casual, the rules aren’t clear. Prior to the 1990’s, dressing for the office was easy – you dressed up. Suits and ties for men and pantyhose and makeup for women were all part of the … Read More