When is a Pat on the Head Taboo?

Business Etiquette

QUESTION: Recently, Estrin Education received a communication from a reader expressing her discomfort when a coworker pats the head of a client’s child. MY RESPONSE: Our increasingly global society yields many benefits, one of which can be a greater understanding and appreciation for other cultures and customs. But what happens if a custom from your … Read More

YES WE CAN! How to Survive the Office Holiday Party


Do you dread your annual office holiday party? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Sixty-two percent of Americans say they would rather go to the dentist than attend an office holiday party. (Okay, I made that up, but it’s believable, isn’t it?) Anyway, you don’t have to suffer. In fact, following a … Read More

5 Things to Know About Business Card Etiquette


  1. Keep your business cards clean and crease free by carrying them in a business card holder. 2. Present your business card with the print facing the recipient so she won’t need to turn the card around to read it. 3. Take the time to read a business card that has been presented to … Read More

Mrs. Obama’s Elbows Upstage Her Arms


  Mrs. Obama’s arms get a lot of well-deserved attention: they are toned, yet feminine – what many women aspire to. However, Mrs. Obama’s famous arms were recently upstaged by her elbows when she rested them on the table at a luncheon. Oh the finger wagging and tongue clucking! You would have thought Mrs. Obama … Read More

Business Dining Etiquette Quiz


Questions: When inviting a client to a business meal, you should ask her where she would like to go. T / F In a typical place setting, the beverage is on the left and the bread plate is on the right. T / F A seafood or oyster fork is placed to the left of … Read More

A Special Occasion – Holiday Fun With the Family

Civility, Dining Etiquette

When I was eleven years old, the flu collided with Christmas dinner and forever dampened my enthusiasm for holiday food. So, every year I sit back with a glass of wine and watch the mayhem unfold as my multigenerational and multicultural family of cooks and foodies barter and (mostly) good-naturedly bicker over which foods will … Read More