A Special Occasion – Holiday Fun With the Family

Civility, Dining Etiquette

When I was eleven years old, the flu collided with Christmas dinner and forever dampened my enthusiasm for holiday food. So, every year I sit back with a glass of wine and watch the mayhem unfold as my multigenerational and multicultural family of cooks and foodies barter and (mostly) good-naturedly bicker over which foods will … Read More

The First Rule of Etiquette


The sheriffs and movers who refused to evict 103-year-old Vinia Hall and her 83-year-old daughter from the Atlanta home that they have shared for fifty years understand. They understand that having good manners isn’t always about power handshakes and proper introductions. Sometimes, demonstrating good manners is just about doing the right thing. Yes, being able … Read More

Are Good Manners A Requirement for Business Success?

Attire, Business Etiquette, Civility, Dining Etiquette, Technology and Social Media

 “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.” Laurence Sterne As I sat down to write this business etiquette blog for The Estrin Report, I wondered, are good manners a requirement for business success? Not surprisingly, the answer is an unequivocal no. Anyone who has worked in corporate America can effortlessly … Read More