Some think the thank-you note in business is outdated; others believe it’s essential. Which is it? The truth is that the modern thank-you note plays a vital role in relationship building. Here are three simple tips to remember:

1. Email or Handwritten?

Do you struggle with whether to send an emailed or handwritten note? Both are acceptable. In a sea of electronic communication, a handwritten note of thanks can help you to stand out from the crowd. But remember to consider your field. In some industries, such as tech, a handwritten note could be seen as odd.

2. Send Your Note on Time

Traditionally, a timely thank-you note should be sent within 24-48 hours of the event that prompted the note. But that doesn’t mean you should give up if you missed the deadline. Sending a late note of thanks is better than not sending one at all.

3. Consider Other Opportunities to Send Thank-You Notes

Thank-you notes aren’t just for business. Any time someone treats you with kindness or consideration, a thank-you note is appropriate.  A sincere thank-you note makes others feel appreciated and helps you to build and maintain relationships.

Thank-you notes are a valuable opportunity to connect with others on a personal level. As anyone will tell you, it isn’t the note itself, but rather the thought that went into writing the note, that is valued.

Both email notes and written notes have become popular. Which is preferred? Both types of note are acceptable, but handwritten notes are considered more personal. On the other hand, if a decision is being made quickly, email may be more trustworthy.

Classic Thank-You Note

To get you started, here is a sample thank-you note for a lunch meeting:

Dear Amara,

Lunch was a pleasure yesterday. I didn’t know that Chez Foodie served such delicious vegan steaks!

I am honored to be co-chairing the developmental project with you. Our organizational missions have amazing synergy, and I’m sure that our collaboration at the Tech Spec Conference in 2020 will be a great success.

I look forward to connecting with you next month to discuss the preliminary conference details.



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