You may be perfectly comfortable branding products or services as a part of your daily job, but did you know that your personal brand may be the most important brand that you need to promote? That’s right; your personal brand can help you land your dream job, gain approval for a project you’re passionate about, or even get promoted. How can your personal brand do all that? By helping you to develop and maintain positive business relationships. Simply put, your personal brand is your reputation. As Jeff Bezos famously said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”

Never forget to say thank you. Handwritten notes are few and far between in our go-go-go world of business, which makes them all the more important to individuals who receive one. Taking the time to craft a handwritten thank you note is a memorable statement that you care enough to put forth the effort.

How to Build Your Brand

Did you know that you are always building your brand? How you act, dress, and communicate creates your brand. Every. Single. Day. So giving some thought to these areas is critical to ensuring that you create a positive and authentic brand at work. Here are three easy tips to get you started:

1. Dress the Part. Looking like you can do the job is a major brand builder in your early career years. Take the time to figure out what success looks like in your industry and your organization and create a professional wardrobe that is work appropriate.

2. Network. Giving your all at work is admirable, but don’t forget to come up for air occasionally to network. Career success is more than a job well done. Attend your organization’s social functions. Eat lunch in the cafeteria and engage with your colleagues. Building a network of colleagues who know you and trust you will help you to develop and maintain a positive brand throughout your career.

3. Mind Your Online Manners. Be sure that your online presence positively reflects your brand. Rogue tweets and posts have ruined reputations and careers. Be mindful and intentional about what you post. Before posting content, ask yourself if you would want your employer to see it. If the answer is no, you probably shouldn’t post it.

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