James L. Foshay Learning Center


 One of my favorite people on the planet. Ms. Gonder is a dedicated educator who works tirelessly to bring every opportunity available to her students. No wonder they love her so much!

Eating Soup from a Cup

Dining Etiquette, Tips

When eating soup from a cup, resting the spoon on the saucer instead of in the cup will help you to avoid knocking the handle and spilling the soup. Photo taken at Ashes Boutique and Tea Garden in Jacksonville, Florida.

Champion of Civility


Many thanks to The Protocol School of Washington®. Originally published on Facebook | The Protocol School of Washington®

Mercer University


Honored to work with such a dedicated team on Mercer University’s first annual Etiquette Week!

Usher’s New Look Foundation


Feeling privileged. Helping dynamic young leaders to succeed on their college-to-career transition at Usher’s New Look Foundation.