Okay, I know you are thinking that it is April and it is much too late in the year to be talking about resolutions. But, considering that most of us have already abandoned our resolutions for 2014, I think it is the perfect time to share a list of easy to keep resolutions that will pay dividends all year long. And the best part is that these resolutions don’t require listening to contrived conversations in a foreign language, suffering through a Zumba class in a smelly gym or giving up your favorite guilty pleasure at Starbucks. Contrary to what you’ve been told, meaningful resolutions don’t have to hurt.

Now that I have your attention, read on:

The first resolution is to put the constructive back in criticism. Is it me or have we been watching too much reality TV? Telling someone that she sucks isn’t the best way to motivate improved behavior or work performance. Bluntness has its place, but cruelty is never appropriate.

Secondly, be kind to your fellow commuters. If you are texting while driving, running red lights or honking your horn at motorists who you believe are not driving fast enough, then this means you. Just breathe. Consider that we all hate traffic and we all want to get home safely.

Next, treat customer service professionals with consideration. It isn’t fair to complain about inadequate service when the poor barista can’t understand your order because you are engaged in a heated conversation on your mobile with your plumber.

Finally, spread the love. It takes little effort to make others feel special: a smile, a thank you, a sincere compliment. So easy – and a lot more fun than 90 minutes of Zumba!

By Stayce Wagner, Spencer Crane Etiquette, LLC/All rights reserved