1. When inviting a client to a business meal, you should ask her where she would like to go. T / F
  2. In a typical place setting, the beverage is on the left and the bread plate is on the right. T / F
  3. A seafood or oyster fork is placed to the left of the place setting. T / F
  4. A guest should begin eating when her food is served. T / F
  5. It is okay to rest your smartphone on the table as long as it is on silent mode. T / F
  6. “Corked” wine means that the cork is stuck in the wine bottle. T / F
  7. If you are honored with a toast, you should raise your glass and sip your drink at the conclusion of the toast. T / F
  8. You must order an alcoholic beverage if your host is drinking alcohol. T / F
  9. You may use your napkin to blow your nose if you don’t have a tissue handy. T / F
  10. It is appropriate for a dinner guest to offer to pay for the meal’s tip. T / F



  1. False. The host should choose the location.
  2. False. The bread plate is on the left and beverages are on the right.
  3. False. A seafood or oyster fork is always on the right.
  4. False. The guest should typically wait for the host to begin eating before beginning her meal.
  5. False. You should never rest your smartphone on the table during a business meal.
  6. False. “Corked” means the wine is spoiled.
  7. False. You may take a sip after the others have taken a sip in your honor. (Please note that this rule is often broken at casual gatherings.)
  8. False. Drinking alcohol is always optional. Also, it is better not to drink during a business meal in order to stay sharp.
  9. False. Never use your napkin to blow your nose and never blow your nose at the table.
  10. False. A guest should never offer to pay the tip when invited to a business meal.

    By Stayce Wagner, Spencer Crane Etiquette, LLC/All rights reserved