Young Adults

High School Students

These seminars are designed to instill confidence and to increase readiness for internships and early work experiences. Recommended for high school juniors and seniors.

First Impressions for High School Students

High school is a time of rapid change and growth for young adults and the choices they are making today are shaping their tomorrows. This fun and interactive seminar is designed to instill confidence and to educate young adults on the importance of business etiquette in building and maintaining relationships. Also explored is the power of first impressions and how someone’s perception of you can have both a positive and not so positive impact on college and future career success.

Topics may include: business etiquette (what it is and why it is important); handshakes (how and when to offer your hand to shake); introductions (how and when to introduce yourself and others); eye contact (types of eye contact and eye contact mistakes to avoid); telephone etiquette (how to answer a telephone in a professional setting and how to leave an effective voicemail message); email etiquette (the dos and don’ts of email etiquette in professional settings); text etiquette (the dos and don’ts of using text messages in professional settings); managing your online presence (the dos and don’ts of posting on social media, what to consider before you post and the positive and not so positive impact of posting); dressing for success (appropriate dress for professional settings).

Business Dining for High School Students

These days, everyone goes to lunch with the boss. This fun and interactive seminar gets young adults business dining ready by focusing on business dining basics from the perspective of the guest, a common scenario in the early work experience years.

Topics may include: accepting the invitation, determining who pays, understanding and managing the utensils and napkin (students will learn how to set a table, how to use a napkin, how to determine which fork, glass and bread plate to use, how to eat soup and how to cut meat); how to order from a menu at a business meal (students will learn how and why to choose certain items from the menu and how and why to listen to their host’s vocal cues); small talk for young adults (students will learn the dos and don’ts of making polite conversation in business settings and how to keep a conversation going); mobile phone etiquette; writing a thank you note (students will learn why thank you notes are important and will learn the formula for writing a thank you note). Dining dos and don’ts will be discussed throughout the seminar.

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