The Polished, Empowered Paralegal. Paralegals, make the most of your referent power! What is referent power? The power gained from developing strong interpersonal skills.

The secret to a paralegal’s success is to combine technical knowledge with the power of positive relationships. At this seminar, seasoned and newbie paralegals will learn how fine-tuning and polishing office and communication skills can boost their professional presence, enhance their referent power and give them an edge over the competition.

Participants will: update and refine the key pillars of professional presence (handshakes, introductions, business eye contact); learn tips on dressing professionally in a corporate or business casual environment; learn networking basics for paralegals (best practices for working the room, business card etiquette, entering and exiting conversations); review and refine modern technology etiquette (best practices for email, telephone and voicemail); learn best practices for meeting etiquette and learn tips for success when communicating with attorneys.

This seminar may be combined with a business dining tutorial.

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