College Students

The lack of societal focus on developing soft skills coupled with a lifetime of communicating through the prism of technology has left many college students without the skills needed to demonstrate the competence and credibility that employers demand in their new employees.

This soft skills gap is not only causing frustration for employers, but it is creating roadblocks to success for many talented and academically prepared students.

This seminar addresses the issue of the soft skills gap with special attention to the needs of college students preparing for internships and post-baccalaureate employment. Participants will: 1) explore how the impressions we create influence and shape how others perceive us; 2) learn and put to use the business etiquette and communication skills that employers seek in today’s job candidates; and 3) discover how these skills can help them to feel confident and project credibility and competence now and throughout their careers.

Equipped with new tools, the participants will be able to approach business situations with fresh insight on how to positively position themselves in the competitive world of business. A business dining tutorial may be added to this seminar.

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