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The Polished, Empowered Paralegal

Paralegals, make the most of your referent power! What is referent power? The power gained from developing strong interpersonal skills.

The secret to a paralegal’s success is to combine technical knowledge with the power of positive relationships. At this seminar, seasoned and newbie paralegals will learn how finetuning and polishing office and communication skills can boost their professional presence, enhance their referent power and give them an edge over the competition….read more.

Young Adults

High School Students
These seminars are designed to instill confidence and to increase readiness for internships and early work experiences. Recommended for High School Juniors and Seniors.

First Impressions for High School Students
High school is a time of rapid change and growth for young adults and the choices they are making today are shaping their tomorrows. This fun and interactive seminar is designed to instill confidence and to educate young adults on the importance of business etiquette in building and maintaining relationships. Also explored is the power of first impressions and how someone’s perception of you can have both a positive and not so positive impact on college and future career success….read more.

College Students

The lack of societal focus on developing soft skills coupled with a lifetime of communicating through the prism of technology has left many college students without the skills needed to demonstrate the competence and credibility that employers demand in their new employees. This soft skills gap is not only causing frustration for employers, but it is creating roadblocks to success for many talented and academically prepared students…read more.

Millennial Women: The Shine.Soar.Succeed!™ Seminar

Are you passionate about your future and career? Are you looking for the skills that will empower you to stand out from the crowd without compromising your authenticity? This seminar is packed with relevant and informative tips and takeaways that you can use right now to enhance your personal brand and boost your career….read more.


As a soloprenuer, your product or service creates your brand, but so do you. This seminar or one-on-one coaching session will focus on personal brand management and the effective use of business communication skills so that your customers feel empowered by and connected to you.

Customer Service / Client Facing Personnel

Seminar participants will explore and refine key aspects of personal brand management with an emphasis on building skills that will enhance the customer service experience of the clients and partners of your organization.

New Hires

Your new hires are bursting with talent, enthusiasm and ideas, but are their soft skills up to task? Get them on board right from the start with your organization’s preferred way of business communication. Topics are selected at the client’s discretion and may include technology (email, telephone, social media), face-to face business communication, business attire, networking skills, personal brand management, cultural awareness and business